Why Are Fragrances Essential For Our Working & Living Spaces?

Fragrances are connected to our memories, but did you know that it is even considered as an accessory and adds depth and character along with adding a unique feel to each house or space? 

If you pay attention to the minute details, a room that is scented has the power to create an ambiance that can instantly lift up your mood. It is extremely important to handpick the furniture or even the artworks for your home, similarly, it is essential to select a scent that matches your space.

How are Home Fragrances beneficial?

The smell is the most powerful sense and it highly affects the way we experience different things because of the Olfactory Cortex where the smell is processed, as it is located extremely close to the area in which all of our feelings, memories, and emotions are stored. We associate individual scents with either people or an event and even with the emotions that we tend to experience during that specific moment. 

Let’s say we enter a room that is scented, there are either of the two things that can happen - Firstly if you have come across that fragrance before, old memories will take you back to the sense of nostalgia. Secondly, if you are inhaling the scent for the first time, a complete set of new memories will be waiting to be created.

Effects on the Mood

Several studies have proven that fragrance has an effect on the mood experienced by a person. Whenever you come across a pleasant fragrance, your mood instantly lifts up. Similarly, if you are in a place that has a smell that you don’t like, you are more likely to end up in a bad mood. It’s mainly due to the fact that smell is the most sensitive amongst all the senses. In recent years, the majority of the brands have understood the power of scent and are investing more in the way their business surroundings smell due to the direct effect on their customer's experience. Whether you are aware of the fact or not, but your sense of smell affects your purchasing decision. 

How to decide on the Perfect Scent for Different Spaces?

While decking out on the interiors in your new house for the latest furniture to mind-blowing art effects on the wall, one shouldn’t forget another extremely important aspect in the new space which is the SCENT of the house. It can define the state of your mind while you are home. 

It can be a challenging task to strategically place the fragrances around the entire house as each of them consists of different elements.

Essentially, you should try and combine different elements in each fragrance. Select different fragrances for each section of your house i.e Kitchen, Living Room, Hallway, Bathroom & Bedroom. 

Think of this entire fragrance selection process like music. What would you generally prefer hearing in your living room? Most probably soft background music right? For the fragrance, one should opt for something that is the sweet and floral base that helps in creating a comfortable and refreshing surrounding. If the living room is large, you can opt for a diffuser with notes that are stronger so that the scent can reach every corner of the room.

Coming to the kitchen now, it is essential to keep the overpowering fragrances at bay as they tend to interfere with the food aroma that engulfs the kitchen. You can opt for citrusy notes as they help to keep the area calm by cutting through the tangy smell.

As of the bathroom, you can look at fruity notes as they keep the bathroom smelling fresh round the clock. You can even keep a candle of your favorite fragrance in your bathroom.

After a long tiring day, the first thing that you look forward to is your BED.  For the bedroom, one must want a fragrance that can promote relaxation for which lavender works the best! Floral based notes can be used in order to create a laid back atmosphere in the bedroom that helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Not only that, but you can also even try looking at woody fragrances as they keep the bedroom air fresh. 

The best way to activate the overall room decor of your place, you should invest in candles or diffuser bottles.


For kitchen spaces, the most complementing fragrance is a combination of fresh and clean scents, warm scents suit perfectly the bedroom as it creates a relaxing atmosphere. Clean fragrances are the perfect choice for living rooms. 

You can incorporate pleasant fragrances in your house through a selection of scented candles, diffusers, and essential oils.