If the nighttime has you struggling to relax as you constantly move around in bed, it’s time to skip counting the sheep and get your hands on our Pillow Mists, Restful & Drowsy, which can help create a tranquil atmosphere to prepare your mind for slumber. 

How lovely does it sound to sink into bed with a cloud of Sage and Thyme or Lavendar and Cinnamon, lulling you into dreamland? Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth developed fragrance notes for both Restful & Drowsy to produce sleep-inducing aromas, resulting in more restful sleep. The mists can be sprayed on your wrists and/or pillow when going to bed. A quick spritz of these fragrance mists with added benefits to relax, calm and soothe will have you feeling calm and relaxed for a good night’s rest.