Discover the World Of Perfumery with Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth

Perfumery Expertise

Along with creating fine fragrances, Rajiv strongly believes in sharing his learnings and experiences of the olfactory world.

Our perfumery training programs are divided into groups for beginners and perfume enthusiasts to professionals working in this domain.

with these workshops and events, our aim is to discover, share and create the emotions raised by perfumes and fragrances in an educational way. 

Cinquieme Sens

Our Workshops

The Perfumer's Palette

Introductory session to measure your olfactory abilities and acquire methods for memorising odours.

The Fragrance Creation Workshop

Workshop that will take you to the enchanted universe of perfumes where one will create their own unique perfume.

Perfume Categories

Learn to choose the right fragrance for you.

The Fragrance Sales Program

Mastery of key skills for emotional counselling in the sale of perfumes.