This Father's Day, We're Here To Help You Shop For Dad!

It’s a universally known fact that shopping for Dads is incredibly difficult. Every year, when Father’s Day is around the corner, our messages are flooded with questions on which fragrance would be the best for Dad. While many are tempted to purchase a new bottle of the fragrance that their dad has been wearing for years, we would highly recommend that you should use this opportunity to introduce him to a new style, a new scent.

Buying a fragrance is extremely personal and very tricky. So here are some key questions that you need to ask yourself before heading to checkout.

 First, think of the ingredients in the perfume that he already wears. Does Dad prefer a musky scent or does he go for a fresh, cool fragrance? The one way that you can’t go wrong when choosing a perfume for Dad is to ensure that you pick a new perfume which has similar notes to the perfume he likes, but is of course, slightly different. That way, you know he will wear it. A second tip that we can give you is, think about his interests. Does he read a lot, or is he adventurous? Does he like swimming or does he spend his days typing away on his laptop? It’s essential to choose a perfume that evokes his vibe and matches his energy.

 While you can always get in touch with our Fragrance Expert to help you out, we’ve assembled the 6 best perfumes for men from our collection that will suit every type of Dad.

For The Suit-Wearing Dad

A sharp yet elusive mix of citrus and cedar, Arise is a story between powerful and the mysterious. A minimal and surprising scent, Arise is an enigmatic fragrance for the Dad who knows how to make an impression.

Fragrance Classification: Masculine Woody

For The Dad Who Loves To Read

Presented in two elegant glass bottles, Vetiver & Musk are contemporary scents for the Dad who loves to spend hours exploring new worlds. Vetiver, a smoky, fresh fragrance is a light every-day scent, perfect for the discerning wearer. Musk is a statement scent that combines Ylang-Ylang at its heart, with the zest of mandarin, our and rum. This gift set will be a delight to the Dad who loves to make a statement. 

Fragrance Classification:
Vetiver: Woody Aromatic
Musk: Oriental Woody 

For The Modern Dad

This tropical fragrance captures the vibrancy of greenery against wooded beaches and balmy ocean air. It’s simple and classic, and the longer he wears it, the more surprising it becomes. Urbane Nights Sky is a perfume your Dad who knows exactly what he likes and has nothing to prove.

Fragrance Classification: Citrus Spicy

For The Beard-Loving Dad

A blend of aromatic accords of lemon, mandarin and bergamot brightens the notes of violet leaf and vanilla. Urbane Nights Dusk is a vibrant fragrance that is dedicated to the Dad who loves spontaneity. This long-lasting scent will definitely become a part of his perfume collection.

Fragrance Classification: Fougere Spicy

For The Quirky & Creative Dad

Present Dad with a gift that appeals to his senses. Our pre-set Essentials for Men comes with Cool, Smooth and Free in a minimal and elegant gift box.

Perfect for daytime adventures, Cool is an aquatic fragrance that has the freshness of mint and coriander, and honeyed notes of neroli. A stylish fragrance for Dad to begin his day with. 

Smooth was created to infuse and impress. A great expression to reflect Dad’s effortless style. Masculine, woody and suave, Smooth from All Good Scents is a fragrance for the brave.

The scent of wind and water, Free is a boundless scent that combines the subtle sweetness of freesias and the green of cyclamen. Free is for the day-dreaming Dad.

Fragrance Classification:
Cool: Fresh Citrus, Bold Chypre
Smooth: Masculine Woody
Free: Fresh Citrus