Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14)
Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14)
Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14)
Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14)
Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14)
Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14)

Fragrance Creation Workshop (FCW14)

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A workshop that will take you to the enchanted universe of perfumes. Learn the basics of perfume creation, understand the importance of olfactory tenacity and intensity & create a unique fragrance. A scented discovery of the 14 fundamental facets of modern perfumery, which you can then blend according to your personal liking.

If you are looking for a perfume that reflects who you are, or if you would like to give one of your loved ones a personal and original gift, then we suggest this fragrant journey, that lets you spend a magical moment in the wonderful world of creative perfumers.

The fragrance creation course is an enjoyable discovery workshop that will take you behind the scenes into the secretive world of perfumery. Whether you are new to the industry, a seasoned industry executive, or just have a passion for perfume, this course is for you.

Included in this workshop:

• Access for one month to the online course training website with downloadable workbooks & formulation sheets.
• A perfume creation kit will be sent by courier to your preferred address.
The kit contains:
o 14 olfactory facets in 10ml amber bottles with a dropper. In total 14 aroma bottles
o 7 different fragrance tester samples from All Good Scents
o 3 empty trial bottles with a plug and cap of 3ml each
o 2 empty perfume bottle sprays of 8ml each for your personal fragrance creation
o Smelling strips

• Access to two zoom meetings with the Master Perfumer*

*Zoom meeting will be held by All Good Scents at regular intervals exclusively for people who have bought the course. The schedule of the meetings will be made available. These will be group sessions for 45 mins approx.

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Disclaimer: These workshops are discovery-based and in no way to be regarded as an option to launch your own business or purely career-oriented. 

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