#TravelWithYourNose with Our Summer Scent Recommendations

Have you ever noticed that often, when you're thinking about someone or dreaming about your last vacation, the first thing you remember is the summer scent of your lover or the smell of the ocean?

That's because before we can speak, walk or fully hear or see a place, we can subconsciously smell it. It's the first of our senses to be developed and the one that, throughout our lives, has the ability to transport us back to a moment or a feeling.

Perfumes can subconsciously affect our mood and behaviour. The various notes that each fragrance evokes within you, has the power to calm you, to rejuvenate you, to empower you and to even help you relive a precious memory. 

Our sense of smell is the only sense that connects to our limbic system: the set of structures in our brain that directly deal with our memories and emotions. This is why, Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth urges people to use a scent every day. Because a perfume can transport you to a particular time, place or event. And because of this strong link, it has the obvious ability to change and affect our mood.

A scent associated with a positive experience will always bring about positive and happy memories when we smell it again. Our brain continually builds these scent memories within us. The smell of new books, of rain, of the ocean breeze, or even a particular dish, these are often associated as happy smells because of the feelings they evoke within us.

The art of using natural scents to relax, rejuvenate and stimulate have been practiced since ancient times all across the world. Perfumed Rituals talks about five cultural rituals that prove that perfumes are not just nose-deep and History of Indian Fragrances will take you through India’s rich history with perfumes and aromatic scents.

The right scents and aromas can enhance your productivity, creativity, behaviour and even mood. While some notes like Lavender and Jasmine have calming properties and can help you tackle insomnia, some like Vanilla and Musk act as aphrodisiacs.

In fact, with the right perfumes, you can even transport yourself to another city or world. Wilderness Perfumer Hall Newbegin calls it the act of “putting places in a bottle”.

We’ve selected some All Good Scents Favourites to help take you on the next best thing to a vacation:

The All Good Scents Wanderlust Recommendations


Perfumes for Women:

- Love & Joy Aqua - a splash in the sparkling blue ocean

- Chic - glamping under the stars

- Jasmine - a walk in a blossoming garden on a sunny day


Perfumes for Men:

- Urbane Nights Sky - a sultry summer beach party

- Cool - an island sea breeze

- Vetiver - a fresh lagoon morning

- Musk - a walk, deep in the forest

- Arise - a city that never sleeps


Transporting yourself to some of the dreamiest places from around the world is just the sensory escape that you need to boost your creativity and enhance your productivity, all from the comfort of your home.