Say Hello to AGS Pairing

The First-of-its-Kind Range of Perfumes in India for Pairing Fragrances to Find your Personalised, Signature Blended Fragrance. 

Our olfactory senses are our most primal sense — delectable and captivating — our very own means to time travel, transporting us, lingering on the horizon like a sunset. The smell of Indian summer. Spices in your grandmother’s kitchen piled with cinnamon, cardamom and freshly ground pepper. An old library book. An Indian wedding. Your father’s woody, musky cologne. The smell of an old love. Fresh, fun, dangerous. 

While fragrances are transportive, we also wear them to create our own identities — who we want to be, how we’re feeling and how we want to express ourselves to the world. 

Nine months ago, when we started brainstorming on AGS Pairing, we wanted to develop something personal, unique and transportive. That is why pairing fragrances is the central theme behind Pairing and at its heart is how each of our ten fragrances will be interpreted by our wearer. 

With AGS Pairing, we want you to celebrate experimentation and to play with different fragrance combinations to create a scent that is uniquely yours!

We wanted to create a collection that enables you to try out a variety of fragrance notes separated into three broad categories; top notes, heart notes and base notes — and decide for yourself which fragrance you want to pair with another.

It’s a personal choice and is about creating a personalised, game-changing scent. 

So, what exactly is cocktailing of scents? 

Cocktailing scents can mean spraying one perfume on your wrist and the other on your neck, or it can even mean spritzing one perfume on one side of the neck and the second one on the other side. 

Take Gourmand Vanilla and Creamy Sandalwood, for example. With two sprays each of both the fragrances, you can play to find a compelling combination. Our 100% natural fragrances are perfect for pairing one with another and creating a fresh mix for your skin this season.

Ingredients are an endless source of inspiration for us. Did you know orange evokes warmth and positivity? For example, just one spritz of Sparkling Citrus will put you in a playful and uplifting mood. And pair this with Creamy Sandalwood, and you'll find yourself in a comforting cocoon, an ideal pairing for a relaxing evening. 

Our collection comprises ten fragrances — designed to evolve with you no matter where you are on your life journey or how you’re feeling across the day. 

The collection includes the following fragrances: Sparkling Citrus, Fizzy Fresh, Crunchy Green, Warm Oud, Delicate Lily of the Valley, Velvet Tuberose, Dewy Rose, Gourmand Vanilla, Smoky Patchouli and Creamy Sandalwood — and have been honed over nine months by fragrance creator and designer, Rajiv Sheth. 

All 30ml bottles are individually priced at ₹399. Every pack of 30ml sized fragrances comes with a 2.5ml free tester of another fragrance so people can pair it with another fragrance sample. 

Not sure where to start? Our Discovery Sets consist of samples of all ten fragrances in a box with 2.5ml x 10 vials for ₹499, bringing luxurious yet affordable scents to you. 

AGS Pairing is all about your personal choice — and is about being open to experimentation. 

Pro perfume pairing tip: heavier scents should be sprayed first to not overpower the lighter ones. 

Play with it. Mix it up. And create a scent for your every mood. 

When it comes to scent pairing there are no rules — go after what you’re feeling, explore combinations and experiment away. 

With Pairing, All Good Scents brings to people daily-wear, affordable, gender-fluid, universal fragrances aimed to inspire, simplify the concept of cocktailing scents, and encourage people to try new fragrance combinations. When many of us are at home, scents can be a powerful way to make someone feel good, form emotional connections to fragrances and create new memories.