From The Perfumer's Desk: A Guide on How to Pair Perfumes

Fragrance pairing is at the heart of our latest collection — AGS Pairing. It’s all about combining, mixing and matching scents as per your moods to concoct your own personal favourite daily-wear perfume. 

This is why when we started brainstorming AGS Pairing, we wanted to bring to you a collection that would value self love and acceptance, above all else. Pairing encourages you to find your fragrance based on your mood, the season and your quirks. Because, no two days are the same, and no two people are the same. The AGS Pairing range is experimental, affordable, gender-fluid and universal. 

About AGS Pairing 

Our Pairing collection consists of 10 fragrances that are classified under three fragrance notes — top notes, heart notes and base notes. Top notes make the first impression, heart notes are the heart of a fragrance, and base notes are the foundation. Much like musical notes make up a song, fragrance notes are necessary to create a perfume. When these three note scales blend together, they create a harmonious perfume. 

The AGS Pairing fragrance collection comprises of; Sparkling Citrus, Fizzy Fresh, Crunchy Green, Warm Oud, Delicate Lily of the Valley, Velvet Tuberose, Dewy Rose, Gourmand Vanilla, Smoky Patchouli and Creamy Sandalwood. The fragrances are available in 30ml size, Eau De Toilette — and are long-lasting and make a good first impression. 

What is Cocktailing of Scents? 

Cocktailing scents means spraying two or more fragrances directly over your body at the same time, combining or pairing different scents. It can mean spraying one perfume on your wrist and the other on your neck, or it can even mean spritzing one perfume on one side of the neck and the second one on the other side. It can even mean spraying your favourite pair all over your body, especially on your pulse points. 

What are Pulse Points?

Your pulse points are your wrists, collar bone, behind the ears, inner elbow and behind the knees. Some  unconventional areas to spritz can be on your chest or cleavage, torso and hair. 

How to Pair Perfumes 

We want to enable every single person to express themselves in the way they wish to. Hence, when it comes to pairing fragrances, there are no rules. Let your nose guide you.

Start on your own personal journey of discovering and experimenting with fragrance pairing.  

Create a New Fragrance Everyday: Few Recommended Fragrance Pairings to Try Out  

The art of pairing fragrances results in creating a scent that’s unique to you.

So, pair, mix and match scents or use them individually to express yourself.

An Addictive Charm

Gourmand Vanilla - 4 sprays; pairs well with Delicate Lily - 2 sprays 

Smooth Operator 

Warm Oud - 3 sprays; pairs well with Fizzy Fresh - 3 sprays 

A Comforting Feel 

Creamy Sandalwood - 4 sprays; pairs well with Sparkling Citrus - 2 sprays 

For A Sophisticated Attitude 

Smoky Patchouli - 2 sprays; pairs well with Dewy Rose - 4 sprays 

Be Intense 

Velvet Tuberose - 4 sprays; pairs well with Crunchy Green 2 sprays 

Have fun, play and experiment and find the scent combinations you love, or are in the mood for.