Fragrances To Fall In Love With This November

With the winds of monsoon leaving us behind, we find ourselves reaching out for our warm sweaters and cozy ambiences. Fall marks the season of layering, from our clothes to our fragrances and this seasonal shift brings with it warm, alluring and classic scents. 

Our Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth shares from of his fall-favourite fragrances. These perfumes play to all personalities and styles, with classic notes like musk, vanilla and patchouli coming together in our newly launched, Love & Joy Bloom to unexpected blends like those found in Urbane Nights and Lolette, from our signature series. 

Whichever perfume you pick up to spritz, these fall fragrances bottle up the season in our unique and contemporary style: an absolute fragrant and perfect accessory to top off your fall mood and looks. 

If you’re in the search for a classic autumn fragrance, or looking to experiment with a moody, oud fragrance, this eclectic collection of fall perfumes has something for everyone.  

Autumn Scents for Women 

Bring in the new season with an air of raw freshness and beauty during daytime and sensuality and mystery in the nights. Mix some beautiful scents in this naturally aromatic ambience. Here are our selection for perfumes for women: 

  • Love & Joy Bloom: The feeling captured within Love & Joy Bloom is an amalgamation of a summer bouquet with the warmth of fall. The heart notes are orange blossom, rose and jasmine, to hang on to the sweet scent of summer while musk, vanilla and patchouli gently welcome autumn. 
  • Evoke: The evenings never felt this sensuous and special! This EDP has an addictive fragrance that is passionately powerful, delicately divine, and immensely intoxicating. 
  • Tender: This fragrance celebrates the magnificence of the radiant woman. Marrying the sweetness of honey with the gentleness of jasmine, along with a number of other notes, this is for the woman who loves to love.
  • Lolette: This tempting EDP will want you to explore that nice yet naughty, sweet yet sensual side of you. Its addictive scent will make you want more, more, and some more of it!

Autumn Scents for Men 

Who can resist the charms of the beautiful winds of the fall season! Spritz on engaging, energizing, and unbelievably exotic fragrances to enjoy the season’s spirit even more. 

  • Urbane Nights: This fragrance truly defines the word ‘lingering’. Its sensual, classy, exotic and enduring scent promises to stay on even after you’ve left the room.
  • Urbane Nights Dusk: A blend of the aromatic accords of lemon, mandarin, and bergamot brightens the notes of violet leaf and vanilla, accentuating sensuality with freshness. Wear it for vibrant wafts of fragrance all night with a long-lasting scent that evolves with you.
  • Rockstar: There’s an element of mystery that this fragrance brings with it. It’s for the man who can neither be ignored, nor get easily trapped by a woman’s charms.
  • Smooth: The alpha male…the jet setter, who loves the adrenaline rush, this scent is for him. Its ‘smooth’, irresistible charm makes it a winner.