Ceramic Bands

Fragranced accessories had its roots in the 17th century. We have attempted to make perfume into something visible with this perfume accessory, the Scented Ceramic Band, that ensures your scent stays with you all day. The neutral colour and intelligent design make it a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.


A unique fragrance accessory

Handmade with an adjustable waxed cotton string

Be in the presence of your favourite scent


Yes! Absolutely! Our handmade bracelets are safe to wear on your wrist. You can even keep this on when you sleep.

If you feel any irritation on your skin around the area of your band, we would advise you to remove it immediately and visit a doctor if the problem still persists.

After you spray your scented ceramic pendant, the scent can last up to 4-5 hours. Should you find yourself in need of a fragrance touch-up at any point in the day, all you have to do is reapply the scent to the ceramic pendant.

The scented ceramic pendants work as well as the fragrance you spray on them. 

Depending on the season around you, you could find that in summer, the scent turns quicker than in winter.