Why The All Good Scents Team Wears Perfumes As They Work From Home

After more than weeks of abandoning grooming, in an impromptu video call, our team realized one common factor between all- no one had stopped using perfumes. While you must think, “but naturally!” Since we are all so closely associated with this homegrown fragrance house, we began analyzing our reasons for choosing either new perfumes. pulling out older ones, even sharing some fragrances between family members.  

The common factor that we found, will also leave you nodding in agreement. But before we get to that, let’s talk about the Magical Powers of a Perfume. 

In order to begin, I will have to go back a year- I was married on January 29th and for that day, I decided to wear Evoke. While picking my wedding outfit, with jewelry to match, I instantly know that Evoke would be a part of my bridal collection. In fact, Perfumer Rajiv Sheth recommended this one to me, and never did I imagine that it would fit so perfectly with the mood, my dress, and the starry ambiance all around me. Evoke was never my everyday fragrance, so to this day, with its allure and intrigue, this scent takes me back to the best day of my life. 

And just like this precious memory of mine, there are countless others that associate scents with events, people, journeys, and much, much more. Waking up and spraying some perfume has been a breath of fresh air for us all, every morning. It is a well-known fact that out of our five senses, scents have the strongest emotional connection in the brain. 

Our Perfumer Rajiv explains this further, “… all smells go to the olfactory bulb, which is located at the front of our brain. Then, this signal goes straight back to the limbic system which is in the middle of the brain. Here lie the amygdala and the hippocampus. The amygdala controls our emotions while the hippocampus, your memories. And it is because of this strong link between scents and memories, perfumes impact your mood and overall well-being in the most wonderful manner.” 

Over the past fifteen weeks, we’ve all been in our house due to stay-at-home orders in India. Our designer, Wyanet, once told me on a Skype call, as we were buried in reimagining our Love & Joy Bloom launch (since all plans of offline events, campaigns, interaction sessions with the Perfumer went on indefinite hold) that she noticed something interesting about perfumes and herself,

“For me, I love playing with our perfumes, observing the details of the bottles, the packaging, and to be honest, wearing the perfume at home, even though it’s just my family around me smelling it, has been wonderfully insightful for me.
I’m able to understand the language of perfumes even better now.
I even noticed something astonishing, some of my favorite perfumes from our collection are Urbane Nights Sky, Cool and Smooth, from the Men’s range.” 

Deepankar, who handles our Business Development Team finds himself on the phone, rushing from one online meeting to another, and pouring over excel sheets even more than usual. For him, perfumes were his go-to then, as much as they are even now in lockdown. Urbane Nights Sky helps him stay cool and fresh through a hard day of work, while Musk from Eternal Garden is what transports him to the cool hills of Himachal (his hometown) when he wants to concentrate on his work, or his passion, writing poetry. 

For many, the stay at home life can seem endless, using perfume is a way to bring a little bit of light to your daily life. Our Perfumer Rajiv celebrated his wife’s birthday during the lockdown, he had dreamed of gifting her a thousand flowers, and he did just that, except this time, he painted them out for her. “Flowers have always been my wife’s favorite and this time, I wanted to give her something eternal. There’s a way that flowers and perfumes can lift up spirits that I believe no other gift can do.”

Going back to the common factor that dawned upon us all on our conference call was this simple and beautiful fact, perfumes really do elevate your mood, make you feel uplifted, and smile. This tiny addition to your daily at home routine will add a magical and special touch to your day. A good scent has the power to remind you that sweetness is essential to life, now more than ever. 

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