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Rajiv Sheth, perfumer and creative director, All Good Scents shares why the sizing is relevant when it comes to the business of perfumery.

Urbane Nights for men is one of the most successful fragrances from All Good Scents. Though originally meant for men, this particular scent has a strong female following. With top notes of spicy mint, grapefruit and mandarin orange; middle notes comprising of rose, cinnamon and Indian spices and base notes of addictive patchouli, amber and leather, this fragrance has a universal appeal. The nose behind this fragrance is Rajiv Sheth, who is also the creative director of the brand. In a pathbreaking decision, with the introduction of Urbane Nights in 100 ml, he decided to let go of the smaller size.

What were the reasons behind the size upgrade of Urbane Nights?
Urbane Nights is one of our top fragrances and we want more people to be able to use this fragrance daily. Hence, we have decided to give more value to our consumers by adding more volume at a more pocket-friendly price option, 50ml was at 990 and 100ml is at 1290. The 50ml bottle for Urbane Nights will be discontinued and we will have only 100ml going forward. The overwhelming request by our customers to introduce a bigger size gives us confidence that no one can regret purchasing this fragrance. Urbane Nights is a scent which works for everyone at all times. However, we may launch a limited-edition pack in the 50ml size.

Good Scents

What's the customer perception when it comes to sizing in fragrances?
That 100 ml is cheaper but 50 ml is safer. For me, 50ml is a good size for travel and for trying out the fragrance for the first time. Then if it is going to be your regular fragrance, better to go for a 100ml. In the case of Urbane Nights, we have been getting requests for a bigger size bottle as we have quite a few women customers who use this fragrance. So, 100ml becomes a good size if the fragrance is shared between the couple.

Why is there always a hefty premium on the 50 ml sizes?
Smaller sizes always are priced more as the costs of manufacturing, whether it is a smaller or larger size is the same. As a perfume brand, we believe in supporting smaller sizes as it's a great option to consider for travel and gifting. Also, it's the size which allows you to experiment with new fragrances. If it's something you smelled on someone else but haven't tried on yourself, it is better to go with a smaller size.

Some customers believe that the chances of 100 ml fragrance going bad before it finishes are too high. Is their apprehension justified?
If it's stored away from sunlight and in a cool place, fragrances can last very long. Traditionally 100ml has been a standard size so unless one uses it at rare occasions, the chances of it going bad are very low. UN comes in an opaque black bottle, hence it is anyway protected from sunlight. Half the battle won. Just store it in a cool place and continue smelling good.

Good Scents

What are your observations about the Indian Global Customer?
The Indian global customers are beginning to shift from deodorants and body sprays to fine fragrances, even for daily usage. Though they continue to be price-sensitive, they are unwilling to compromise on anything less than international quality. Above all, they want brands to understand their preferences. When it comes to perfumes, Indian customers desire the feel and quality of international fragrances but they gravitate towards notes like jasmine, rose, sandalwood, spice and vetiver, that connect them to their culture and memories. Most international brands fragrances might find it challenging to connect with the Indian consumer as our values and overall usage habits differ.