Using Scented- Candles At Home: The All Good Scents Guide 

We could all use some aromatherapy right now. Never before have these words rung more true- Our Homes Are Our Sanctuary. For centuries, candles or diya’s have been used in our homes, for religious practices or to add a fragrant aroma to our home space before guests arrive. 

Candles have been a part of home decor for centuries now, once used for illuminating living spaces, today candles are used more creatively for decor purposes. To create a better ambience, or evoke a certain mood in a room, a scented candle makes for a wonderful and fragrant accessory.

How To Use Scented Candles At Home 

Space: The Bedroom 

This is your sanctuary. Your place to return to after a long day. Here, you can create a softer ambience in your room which will help you wind down and switch off for the day. Keeping your phones, laptops and other screens away would be a great way to enhance the experience of your chosen candle. Instead, pick up a book, or try meditation or journaling. 

(Be careful that you don’t leave the candle lit as you fall asleep, a good practice is to keep it within your eyesight so you don’t forget to blow it out before you sleep.) 

Scents to Choose:  

For the morning, choose uplifting and energising scents like citrus or eucalyptus. This will give you just the right productivity boost. 

Focus on relaxing and calming scents for the late afternoon or evening. Notes like Lavender, Jasmine and Rose will help soothe your nerves. 

Space: The Bathroom 

A scented candle in your bathroom will transform your space in the most wonderful and unique manner. You can use different sizes and scents to cast a warm glow that will make you feel like royalty. 

On the weekend, you can even create an ethereal atmosphere by adding floating candles in the wash basin as you soak in the tub or have a warm bath. 

Scents to Choose: 

To create an intimate atmosphere, choose notes like rose or cinnamon. If you’re looking for an energetic vibe, choose notes like apricot, orange or citrus and peach.
For a more relaxing mood, focus on notes like eucalyptus.

Expert Tip: Light a tropical scented candle, or one with notes of coconut in it to remind you of the warm sea water from your last summer vacation on the beach. 

Space: The Work Desk 

After your Bedroom, your workstation is where you spend most of your day. With juggling phone-calls, zoom meetings, answering emails, and managing your work, staying creative and productive can be an overwhelming task. A lit candle beside you is not only a fragrant addition to your table accessories, but a proven method to keep your mind focused and your mood energetic to power through your work day. 

Scents to Choose: 

Use candles with notes of mint, lemon, orange, rosemary and cinnamon. These notes are invigorating and decrease fatigue. They are even uplifting and known to improve your memory. 

Space: The Living Room 

This is the room where most conversations occur. Whether with guests, or family members, the living room is a space where you can kick back with a glass of wine or cup of coffee and talk. For a space like this, you require scents that are soothing, cozy and give out a warm ambience. A good practice here would be, to light a scented candle just after a work day, and ask your family to join in to unwind together. Playing soothing music, along with sipping warm tea and talking about the day that’s been is a great way to bond and unwind. 

Scents to Choose: 

Depending upon the atmosphere that you want to create, you can choose a scented candle with notes of pine, cedar or sandalwood. If you’re looking for the quintessential winter scent at home, try spice-scented or vanilla candles. Be wary with vanilla, as often times it could become overpowering and induce headaches in some. For those who love keeping the windows open, try using candles with notes of citronella in the months of summer or post-monsoon as these will help in keeping the mosquitoes away as well as surround you in a pleasing ambience. 

Scented candles are ideal ways to decorate your home, cozy up corners around your living room and give your space a unique fragrance that you (and others) will associate with in a calm and positive manner. Apart from pampering yourself and indulging in candles for your own home, these make for great gifting solutions for all festive occasions and celebrations.

For is there truly such a thing as owning too many candles?