The Sweet Scent Of Rituals

What could be better than a beach holiday or heading out to the hills for a well-deserved break? Well, scientists have an answer. Ironically, it is the scent of your own sheets that embrace you once you return home. Such is the magic of familiar scents. They get endorphins flowing through our bodies by wrapping us in a cocoon of warmth and comfort.  

When fragrances become part of our daily ritual, they possess the power to make strange new places feel like home, and strangers feel like friends. They set the tone for the day, fuel our spirits and shape our experiences. We talked to a few people who opened up about their perfume rituals.

“I dated a guy in college who always carried a perfume in his car. Each morning, he’d pick me up for classes and just before we got out of the car, he’d spritz perfume on himself and then spray some on me playfully. Nobody knew we were seeing each other. The only hint out there was that we pretty much smelt the same. Eventually, a common friend sniffed it out, literally. Even today, anything musky reminds me of that perfume ritual, and those wonderful drives, and the thrill of a shared secret. We’re both living different lives now, but I always carry perfume in my car.”

- Anita, Data Engineer

“Before work-from-home was a reality, travel was the way I got into work mode. Now I rely on my perfume to lead my mind into hustle mode. It helps bring my best self to work. I can’t log into a single meeting without putting on my perfume. Earlier, the ritual was so I smelt good for everyone else. Now I do it just for me.”

- Ram, Lawyer

“This one time, I had almost reached office right in time for a pitch meeting. And I realised I’d forgotten something. Before I could think it through, my body took over and turned my bike around. I rode all the way back- about 7 km. My mom opened the door, worried something was wrong. I walked past her, spritzed some perfume on myself and ran out of the door. I still remember that astounded look on her face as if I were a mad woman. But that sums up my perfume ritual. I just can’t begin my day without it.”

- Ritika, Publisher

“My wife turns into a performer every night as she sits before the mirror and dabs her perfume. Sometimes she pretends she’s a delicate actress from the 70s getting ready for a shot; sometimes she’s a vlogger explaining how to wear a perfume as she dabs some behind her ears, on her wrists and around her neck. I watch her do this every night. I look forward to it. It’s her scent that lulls me to sleep every night.”

- Murad, Retired Banker

“Perfumes are my daily switches. I have one to start the day with, and then another fragrance after wrapping up work. The first one switches on a side to me that wants to get a lot done and seize the day; the second one tells me I’ve outdone myself, coaxing me to let my hair down and put my feet up. This ritual has helped me find balance. It has shown me how to apply perfume, to life. 

- Parita, Entrepreneur 

With each story, we discovered that perfume rituals are often as memorable as the scents wafting off the people we love. Want to unearth your own ritual?

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