Perfumes, Perfume Mists and Deodorants – We Break Them Down For You.

Summer is just around the corner for most of us. And as the temperatures soar, our mind and body needs constant care and relief to beat the heat.
One way to do this, rather our favourite way to do this, is to keep spritzing ourselves with a breath of fresh air. And what better way to do this, than to have this mist also be scented with your favourite notes? 

Our Perfume Mists are the answer. 

Now what is a Perfume mist, and how is it different from a deodorant or how is it similar to a perfume? Our Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a perfume mist?

Perfume Mist is a lighter version of a perfume. Perfumes are a concentrated version of fragrance oils due to which they stay on for a longer time than mists. In fact, some even call it the 'modern day cologne'.
It's made up of a combination of water, alcohol, and fragrance.
The fragrance strength in a perfume mist is in between an Eau Fraiche and Eau de Toilette. Though lighter, the mist stays on skin for 4-5 hours and can last more if you apply it after a moisturiser. 

When should you wear a perfume mist? 

  • Anyone can wear or spray a mist. 
  • It is ideal to wear in morning when you are headed for a run, walk or to the gym any other sports activity. 
  • For people who do not like using perfume to work, can use a perfume mist, which being lighter is more discreet.
  • A perfume mist is an ideal partner on the beach or for a swim.
  • Unlike the glass perfume bottles, these are great to carry for a perfume touch up during the day in your office bag.
  • They also are also travel must-haves. No fear of bottle breakage. You get your favourite perfume in a more easy-to-carry format.
  • They are great for intermediate layering. Sprays are lighter and mix wonderfully with most perfumes, adding a touch of freshness.

Should a Perfume Mist be sprayed on the pulse points or can it be used all over the body?

  • Both are applicable. On pulse points and can be sprayed all over the body.
  • It can also be applied on the hair for a subtle lingering scent.

How is a Perfume Mist different from a deodorant?

Deodorants are a utility product meant to avoid sweating or to mask body odour. In terms of olfactory structure, they are more linear, whereas like a perfume, a fine fragrance mist is more rounded. Perfume Mists are more personal, to keep one fresh and smell good.

Why are Perfume Mists are becoming the ‘it things’ in the world of perfumery? 

  • Simple usage: Spray all over or pulse points.
  • Versatile: The mild scent is works for all places and occasions.
  • Travel-friendly format: More accessible, and fits the urban on-the-go lifestyle concept very well.
  • Affordable: You get the same scent at a lesser price.