International Women’s Day: Exploring Empowering Fragrances

This International Women’s Day we are taking a moment to celebrate women. The first ever recorded chemist and perfume maker — Tapputi — who was a prominent part of the Mesopotamian government around 1200 BCE. The women who marched for women’s rights in the socialist feminist movements of the early 20th century. The women who inspire us everyday – our colleagues, friends, mothers and sisters. 

Scent preferences have evolved leaps and bounds since the Victorian era, and we’re beginning to witness a change in women’s preferences. Did you know that globally over 30 percent of women use men's fragrances? No longer is musk, for example, considered too masculine a fragrance for women to wear. The contemporary smell scape has drastically evolved with women exploring fragrances fit specifically for them — personal and unique.

Fragrances are now a means of self-expression and experimentation enabling people to truly reflect their identity and how they want to feel. Like Coco Chanel once rightly said, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” 

This March, we are drawing inspiration from the wonderful, wild and bold women in our lives. So, whether it is for you, your partner, colleague, mother or sister, discover our range of daily-wear, affordable, universal and gender-fluid fragrances in-focus this month. 

AGS Pairing Recommendations 

Explore some of the AGS Pairing Recommendations thoughtfully curated for Women's Day:

Dewy Rose 

The Dewy Rose fragrance is a sweet refreshing fragrance, as swoon-worthy and romantic as a night in Paris. A gift that brightens the mood and romanticizes living. The Dewy Rose fragrance is perfect for romantic, loving, elegant, vivacious, simple and charming people. 

Pairs well with: Smoky Patchouli & Fizzy Fresh 
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Velvet Tuberose 

A great everyday fragrance, that is undemanding and easy to wear — an intoxicating white floral scent. The Velvet Tuberose takes on the signature of natural tuberose at sunrise when the buds are about to bloom, to reveal the natural essence of this rare flower. The result is a sensuous fragrance that leaves a captivating, long-lasting trail. 

Pairs well with: Delicate Lily of the Valley & Gourmand Vanilla 
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Warm Oud 

Amber and Oud, a rich combination that can trigger something powerful within us. Fantasy amber notes are merged into this perfume, enhancing the strength of nature with every breath you take of this unique scent. This fragrance has bottled sensual notes of Agarwood, Amber and Sandalwood merged with fresh and delicious notes like Vetiver and Vanilla. A rich and luxurious scent. 

Pairs well with: Sparkling Citrus & Smoky Patchouli 
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Have you checked out our latest AGS Pairing collection? A first-of-its-kind range of perfumes in India for pairing fragrances. The collection of ten fragrances encourages you to play with different fragrance combinations to create a scent that is unique to you. The ten fragrances from the AGS Pairing collection are designed to make you feel good. 

The collection comprises the following fragrances; Sparkling Citrus, Fizzy Fresh, Crunchy Green, Warm Oud, Delicate Lily of the Valley, Velvet Tuberose, Dewy Rose, Gourmand Vanilla, Smoky Patchouli and Creamy Sandalwood. 

So, this Women’s Day, pair, mix and match scents and discover an empowering fragrance — something which is uniquely yours.

AGS Best Selling Women’s Fragrances 

Speaking of empowering fragrances for the wonderful women in our lives, we’ve thoughtfully created special offers so you can show your loved ones how much you care:

Love & Joy 

Immerse yourself in this sophisticated harmony of freesias and peonies, infused with the white heat of magnolia and the depth of amber. Love & Joy is perfect for when you want to celebrate who you are, your free-spirit, and effervescence. 

Love & Joy Aqua 

Discover light, breezy and fresh summer notes with the unmistakable fragrance of the sea with one of our bestsellers Love & Joy Aqua Eau de Parfum — inspired by women who love adventure. Treat your loved one or yourself with this feel-good gift. 

Love & Joy Bloom

This March, give the special woman in your life something truly special. Love & Joy Bloom Eau de Parfum is evocative of a garden in full bloom. 


Lolette is reminiscent of tropical vibes — coconut and the heat of rum and drawn from a cacophony of flowers, meant to turn heads.

Scented Candles Recommendations 

Our love for natural ingredients is deep rooted. Whether it is notes evocative of freshly cut grass, or notes inspired by Indian jungles — there is something for everyone. For all candle lovers, here are some candles to add to your collection — whether you light a candle when you wake up, or like to warm up the mood and set the ambience for a cosy night in with your partner, or you’re looking for inspiration from the scents of plants and flowers. 

Cassis Candle 

The Cassis candle is evocative of a garden in full bloom. The fragrance is extracted from flowers and buds. The top note is reminiscent of warm citrus notes of Bergamot and Honey floral. The middle note consists of mesmerising Balsamic and Blackcurrant. The base note is defined by Sweet Musk.

Ylang Ylang Candle 

Rich, peaceful and harmonious; the warm, soothing and exotic scent of Ylang Ylang flower from Madagascar is reminiscent of first love. The fragrance includes floral notes of Jasmine, Lily, Rose and Ylang Ylang. 

Vanilla Candle 

An unexpected combination of vanilla and woody moss makes this scented candle a must-have just in time for spring. The top notes envelop you in a scented layer of freshness, while the base notes — Vetiver, Jasmine, and Oakmoss create an inviting, breezy aroma. This hand-poured, richly scented, soy candle comes in a snow-white vessel with a single wick. 

So, whether it is feminine notes, masculine fragrances or gender-fluid scents, this Women’s Day we’re bringing to you a host of fragrances — perfumes and scented candles — suited for your every mood.