If Scents Were People

If a picture speaks a thousand words, scents can hold a thousand pictures. They have the power to evoke memories and feelings of love and elation. Each fragrance has a unique personality and when you spritz it on, it develops a voice of its own.

Think of an evening out when you hugged a friend who smelled great. Meditate on that fragrance and what it subliminally said to you. Chances are it was one of these:  

  • “It was a long day but now I’m ready to have fun”
  • “I’m here to meet someone special”
  • “I’m not going home anytime soon!”
  • “Dinner is on me”
  • “Can we go dancing already?”

  • So the next time you’re finding your fragrance, listen carefully as every note whispers to you. Here’s what some of our perfumes would say:

    Love & Joy:

    “The window seat in the train is one of my favourite places. Watching fields and cotton-like clouds roll by is the perfect setting to let my mind wander. The world thinks of me as delicate and demure. They see only the flowers at first, until a select few see the steely vase holding them in place. I cry easily and not just the soft ‘sniff-sniff’ kind, but out loud. But my laughs are even louder. Life’s just simpler with emotions on your sleeve, and a song playing on your lips.” 


    “When everyone is too shy to get on the dance floor, I’m the guy who makes my way first. Never afraid to ask a question, to voice my opinion, and never wondering if I’m overdressed. Underneath all the rugged charm, however, is a simple guy who enjoys sleeping on his mother’s lap at home, after a game of football on the beach with the boys.”


    “I believe the most beautiful things don’t call for attention. They quietly announce themselves, but they last long in your memories. Tenderness has that magic on people. I’m someone who always doggy-bags a cookie for you, reminds you of your friend’s birthday, and the one to hang out with on the terrace to simply listen to the howls of the wind. Not a word exchanged sometimes, but haven’t we already said all that needs to be said?”


    “I walk alone, but when I rise, I make sure nobody is left behind. I like to suit up, show up and then roll up my sleeves and get to work. They say I am too serious but funny thing is I simply laugh it off. I’m the acclaimed ‘3 am friend’, although never for a chat; but to pick you up when your car breaks down. Like they say, you may forget what they said or did, but you never forget how someone made you feel. That’s all I want, to create a dent in the world. To be unforgettable.


    Let your fragrance do the talking. Explore our range and find the one that speaks to you, and then it will speak through you.