Got a Date? Not Sure What Fragrance to Wear? We're Here To Help!

Our olfactory senses are our most primal sense — delectable and captivating — our very own means to excite, transport and, importantly, evoke memories. When we think of our last meaningful date with someone special, there are some details which stand out — like, for instance, what your date wore, where you went for dinner, what you ordered to drink, but the most important detail might just be how your date smelt. 

There are few things as unique and personal as scent. Everyone has their own take on what they might want to wear to a date night out or in; their own idea of romance, sultriness and sensuality — be it oak, woody colognes, or floral fragrant notes. It’s the little details that create a long-lasting impression. If chosen right, a fragrance can help set the tone for the date, enabling us to lower our inhibitions; exciting or relaxing us. 

When choosing a fragrance for a date night go with how you’re feeling, and something that expresses your personality. After all, a fragrance should compliment who you are, and should remind your date of you every time they smell that fragrance. A fragrance should be unique to you”, said Rajiv Sheth — Nose, Master Perfumer, CEO & Creative Director — All Good Scents. 

Here are some ideas to help you pick the right fragrance for your special date, whether it is a cosy night in, a candlelight dinner by a beachfront cafe, or a luxe dinner date.

A Cosy Night In 

Whether it was pre-pandemic, or during the stay-at-home pandemic, a cosy evening at home makes for a classic date. Used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries, Vanilla is one of those scents which is attractive and mesmerising. Go with Gourmand Vanilla — warm, enveloping and delicious, this fragrance will transport your date and you to the vanilla-swept shores of Madagascar. This sensual scent ushers in earthy notes of coffee, saffron, plum and, of course, precious vanilla. 

By a Beachfront 

If you’re planning an escape from the bustle of the city with your date to the beach, read on. Think white waves breaking, the air crisp with the cool breeze of the sea — lively and spirited. Plentiful with character, Love & Joy Aqua is alive with floral and woody notes, and the unmistakable scent of the sea. The notes mingle with aquatic notes of calone and cyclamen combined with smoky cedar, honey, and musk to create a long-lasting fragrance to take you through the night. 

For the New Beau 

The thrill of meeting someone for the first time is an experience that can only be made better with a fragrance which will be truly memorable. What better way to do that than with Flirty — irresistible, exciting and intriguing. It’s a mix of blackcurrant and the green blaze of gardenia, combined with orange blossoms and rose, making it an incredibly intoxicating fragrance. 

The Spontaneous Date 

Not everything should be planned in life, right? A last-minute weekend getaway, the thrill of a spontaneous dinner plan with a special someone — it can all be so exciting and fun. Throw on a quick dress, and a few sprays of Sparkling Citrus on your pulse points and dash out of the door. The fragrance opens with notes of lemon, bergamot, neroli and petitgrain.

To create an exciting new fragrance which is uniquely yours and will surely remind your date specifically of you, pair two sprays of Sparkling Citrus on your wrist and four sprays of Dewy Rose on your neck and create your own signature scent. You can mix and match scents from the recently launched Pairing collection. Pairing fragrances is a great way to make your spontaneous date even more intriguing. 


An Activity Date 

Be it a long drive, a DIY pizza date night, a day spent at the golf club or watching the races, or a (all-time favourite) movie date night, go for the Smoky Patchouli — a bold, intrepid perfume. The notes of patchouli lend a drop of mystery to the scent. Adventurous, brave and dauntless, this fragrance is the portal to a mystifying reality — an exciting one. An intense, long-lasting and unique fragrance. 

A Dinner Date 

There's nothing that quite sets the mood like a dinner date night with someone you’re dating. Are you still figuring what the perfect fragrance might be to waft over you and your date, ever so gently, at a dinner date? Well, what might be perfect for someone might not work for you, so, go with how you’re feeling — and spritz on a scent which will make you feel confident and comfortable. Perhaps, you’re in the mood for something smoky, or are drawn to woody, floral, or tropical scents, maybe? If you’re looking to take your dinner date up a notch, light a candle from the Festive Candle Set; our beautifully handcrafted scented candles to add a stylish touch. 


Whether you’re going out to meet someone special, or just have a feeling that you might run into someone of interest — spritz on a deliciously alluring scent best suited to your mood. There’s nothing more powerful than the element of scent to intrigue and mesmerise.