This Mother’s Day, Gift Mom A Bottle Of Scented-Memories

When we were asked to envelop the ‘work from home’ routine, some of us were excited to try out this new lifestyle, while others were shocked and faced many teething issues when it came to understanding of how to balance our personal and professional worlds. 

However, if you look just a little bit close to home, you’ll find one person who has been rocking the work from home lifestyle since the day you were born. And we mean this quite literally. 

Our mothers are the very embodiment of a living Superwoman, the wearer of multiple hats, the one who knows how to whip up your favourite snack and handle her team at work.

The one who knows where Dad’s ties are hiding and how to help you with those math equations that have been gnawing at you all week. The one who knows how to de-stress the family and encourage her colleagues to work through what has probably been the toughest year for us all. 

This Mother’s Day, it’s time to express your love and gratitude towards Mom with a gift that says ‘I love you’, and ‘Thank you’, in a way that is special to the bond that you two share. 

Our Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth believes that fragrances are quite literally ‘scented memories in a bottle’. The right spritz of perfume can take her back to memories of the beach, where she took you when you were little, watching you play with the waves and build sandcastles. Or it can immediately transport her to a time when she was the little one, playing in her garden covered in fresh mud while her mother, with jasmine in her hair, sat beside her slicing mangoes. 

We’ve put together a Gifting Guide for every type of Mom, and we hope that this will bring a smile to your mother’s face this season. So before you read ahead, close your eyes, think about your Mom, her likes, tastes, personalities, and what makes her truly unique. 


The AGS Gifting Guide for Mom: 

For the Fun-loving and Free-spirited Mom 
Love & Joy is a powerful yet delicate scent that will be Mom’s perfect and stylish companion. This Feminine Floral Eau De Parfum is a sophisticated harmony of freesias and peonies and is infused with the white heat of magnolia and the depth of amber.  

For the Boss Mom
Evoke is an intriguing fragrance dedicated to the Mom, who is set to achieve the best for her family and work. This Eau De Parfum is a swirl of blackcurrant and jasmine, a blast of vanilla and lily of the valley, making it an ideal perfume for the Mom who strives for perfection. 

For the Inspirational Mom 
The Love & Heart Box is a newly launched gift set created for the Mom who loves to love. Packed in a beautiful heart-shaped box, this gift set comes with our two darlings, Love & Joy Aqua and Love & Joy Bloom, and you can personalise this set by adding a sweet message or Mom’s name on the front in gold lettering.


For the Stylish Mom
If we had to pick a fragrance from our collection to represent a classy and vibrant personality, it would be Chic. This is an Eau De Toilette that celebrates joie de vivre; it embodies the freshness of bamboo and the intensity of jasmine combined with white rose to create a fresh, vibrant, and warm fragrance like no other. A treat for Mom’s senses, this perfume will evoke memories of a happy summer.   

For the Tender-Hearted Mom
A blissful infusion of sweet honey and orange blossoms, Tender is an amazing Eau De Toilette is perfect for the Mom who loves going through old photographs. She shines the brightest at every family reunion, and this fragrance with sandy tropic notes and fresh grasslands will add a subtle floral layer to her already blooming personality.  

For the Mom Who Loves To Travel 
Our Eternal Garden Playful Set allows you to experiment with four of our unique contemporary and modern fragrances. If Mom likes adventure, then we know she will love this set of two travel-friendly bottles. Choose from Rose, Jasmine, Musk, and Vetiver - one pro-tip; these are classics with a twist, so expect the unexpected with this dazzling range of fragrances. 

If you’re still confused, get in touch with our Fragrance Expert to help you out!