Spicy Woods
Spicy Woods

Spicy Woods

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The atmosphere of an evening spent huddled by the fireplace. The sharp, yet elusive accents of citrus and atlas cedar blend with the delicious scents of pepper, orange, and rosebay. The air swirls with the scent of benzoin, vetiver, geranium and fragrant patchouli, sometimes spicy and woody, sometimes fresh and lemony. Arise — dreamers, explorers and adventurers, for a scent that is yours.

Meet Urbane Nights Sky; the scent of Indian beaches in summer. Wooded beaches meet tree-lined paths where the wind blows balmy sea air. The air is saturated with fresh, citrus and exhilarating spicy scents. Underscored by calming notes of rosemary and clove buds, experience woody musk with orange blossoms and aquatic life in a scent that is at once, both, foreign and familiar.

Urbane Nights Dusk is a play of shadow and light — when the sky grows dark, the smell of the earth, leaves and spices take over. The lively aromatic scents of lemon, bergamot, mandarine, brighten notes of violet leaf and vanilla; accentuating sensuality with freshness.

Manufacturer: Suhan Aerosol
Manufacturer's Address - J/1-8, Radheshyam Industrial complex, Asangaon (West), Tal: Shahapur, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra-421601

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