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Perfume Families

Fresh Citrus

Essential oils acquired from citrus fruit zest. Sub families: Citrus, floral chypre citrus, spicy citrus, woody citrus, aromatic citrus.

Feminine Floral

Flower fragrances like rose, mostly for women. Sub families: Soliflore, lavender, floral bouquet, floral green, floral aldehydic, floral woody, floral fruity woody.

Aromatic Fougere

Blend of woody and lavender notes. Sub families: Fougère, soft amber fougère, floral amber fougère, spicy fougère, aromatic fougère.

Bold Chypre

Oak moss fragrances mingled with floral or fruity notes. Sub families: Chypre, floral chypre, floral aldehydic chypre, fruity chypre, green chypre, aromatic chypre, leather chypre.

Masculine Woody

More apt for men and contain sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and vetiver. Sub families: Woody, woody citrus coniferous, woody aromatic, woody spicy, woody spicy leather, woody amber.

Mysterious Amber

Soft, powdery & spicy notes containing intoxicating and sensitive substances like musk, vanilla, exotic resins & wood, often accompanied by exotic flowers & spices. This group is also referred to as Oriental. Sub families: Oriental woody, Floral amber woody, oriental spicy, oriental fougere & Oriental vanilla.

Floral Fruity

Usually for Women, refreshing, floral, light & airy with sweet fruity nuances. Sub families: floral fruity woody, floral fruity gourmand, fruity chypre.