As times change, the bond of love we have created over the years with our sibling changes. We grow from fighting and playing in the sand pits to growing and protecting through each obstacle life throws at us. As every bond is different from each other, the one thing that remains is love. There is no better day to express your love than Rakshabandan. Gone are the days where the Rakhi was all about traditional strings and ornaments, the new age rakhi doubles up as a fashion accessory which is durable, easy-to-wear and comes with your special scent. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should seal it with a Scented Ceramic this Rakshabandan…

  1. Let’s face it, once the day is over the threads of your traditional Rakhi are eventually going to unloosen and fall off from your brother’s wrist. That’s never going to be the case with your Scented Ceramic. Handmade with a waxed cotton string, this fragranced accessory is cleverly designed in a way that it stays with you on the day of Rakshabandan and makes a fashion statement post that.
  2. Everything is better when it’s scented. A good scent is an instant calmer and with your Scented Ceramic your favourite perfume can stay with your for days. Should you find yourself in need of a fragrance touch-up at any point in the day, all you have to do is reapply the scent to the ceramic pendant.
  3. There’s no doubt you’ll make a splash at your next do with your fashionable scented ceramic tied to your wrist. Gone are the days of showing off your silver bracelets and Livestrong bands when a stylish ceramic on your hand can do the trick.
  4. For all our brothers who don’t stay in the same city as you are, you can just let All Good Scents deliver the Rakhi love and make him record the surprise.
  5. If the points above didn’t convince you, our specially curated Rakhi Gift Box surely will. Now you can you pick a Scented Ceramic, an Eternal Garden EDP of your choice and deliver the love in special gift box only for Rs 1190.

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