Distinct smells wafting through the air and a dull hue rising beyond the horizon; it’s that time of the year again; indeed, summer is back! The smell of freshly cut grass, blossoming flowers along with the sweet smell of fresh, ripe fruits all provide for the perfect summer background tones with their fragrance being intensified due to the balmy summer days. With the earth’s natural bloom in full swing and nature’s sweet summer scents playing in the background, summer carries with itself a whole new set of rules when it comes to choosing your fragrance.

Between the heat and stickiness, which is almost synonymous with summers, you need to ensure your chosen fragrance gives off a cool and fresh smell, not only allowing for you to smell great but also providing you with an overall freshness. Look to ingredients which complement the summer days including white florals, coconut, vanilla and even zingy lemon- making for fragrances which quite literally ‘bottle up’, summer. Orange blossom is another such ingredient which conjures up the image of warm sunny holidays, along with ingredients such as citrus, mint and wildflower forming the perfect notes for that summer fragrance. However, we would not recommend using more than one summer fragrance / perfume at a time, as the ingredients present within each one of them may not complement one another causing each respective fragrance to lose its unique scent. Hence, if you opt for a particular fragrance- be sure to use it in isolation rather than combining it with another, to maintain its distinctive scent.

Needless to say, during the summer time it is absolutely essential you spritz yourself with such summer fragrances, the ingredients of which fall in line with the ones mentioned above, or even other cool and fresh ingredients which provide a long lasting refreshing smell. We know as well as you do, the summer time can be a bit daunting in terms of its heat exposure which can be off-putting at times due to excessive perspiration, caused as a result of this. Therefore, we highly recommend that you opt for a clean and refreshing summer fragrance, to keep you smelling amazing at all times. Not only do these small spritz of summer fragrances allow you to give off a fresh and crisp smell, but it also allows for you to remain cool in the warm summer days, with certain perfumes providing an overall cooling effect.  We suggest keeping a small refresher bottle with yourself, to apply such summer fragrances in frequent but smaller doses to mitigate the effect of your scent fading away sooner due to your body perspiring more often in summers.

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