Flipping through the pages of history, we could not help but acknowledge that fashion and perfume is inextricably linked. All Good Scents wanted to create a designer perfume which would capture the spirit of the ‘modern woman’. But how does fragrance translate the all-important vision of the designer, as well as exhibiting the spirit of the fashion house?

We started our journey into the world of fashionable perfumes by introducing Tender Intense, with the prints and ethos of couturier Payal Singhal. She entered unchartered territory by not only using pale pink prints in her designs but also through the use of indo contemporary global aesthetics. The design Lady M 1 emphasised on bold graphics that brought out the fragrance’s astounding character. Using innovative chemical aldehydes, and expensive quantities of Jasmine Sambac, Turkish Rose, and Patchouli, we created a fragrance that was both timeless and classic. The bottle resembled a feminine square panel with its practical size and geometric shape, reflecting All Good Scent’s modernist aesthetic, and a style which was unfussy and simple. Drawing similarities with her sensual but cutting edge clothing, the bottle complimented the streamlined, fabric style of her fashion lines. It became a reminder of the embroidery on an evening dress caressing the skin.

Tender Intense turned out to be a graceful and delicate yet a sensual and strong fragrance. It became a juxtaposition of femininity and power, celebrating the contrasting beauty.

Perfume from fashion designers offers the scent of elitist luxury and expert craftsmanship. It will continue to remain as a reflection and extension of the couturier’s designs, encompassing their signature styles, attitudes and image through fragrances.

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