The sky is overcast after an unusually warm day and droplets of cool water start to drizzle from the clouds above making their way toward the dry earth. A fragrance, better than fresh chocolate chip cookies from the oven, freshly mowed grass or for some of you, petrol – fills every bit of your senses. This sweet and scintillating fragrance is the first sign of splashdown and it has an effect on everyone. We truly believe it is nature’s way of saying that it’s time to wake up to celebrate. Ever wondered what this fragrance was called?

It’s called Petrichor.

Yes, that’s a real word. Petrichor, the sweet whiff of wet sand, a pleasant aroma that accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

If the rains have got your dreary, all you need is to uplift your spirits with fragrances infused with warmer bases.  For instance, a sporty, refreshing and absolutely tingling citrus fragrance infused with base notes of oakmoss and cedar can leave a man smelling fresh all day and particularly muscular.

Women, on the hand, we recommend you should try a fragrance that gives you a hint of coconuts and vanilla infused with the aroma of fresh Jacaranda wood. This is ideal for patrons who are active all day and not even endless hours of rain can get you down.

Now for those of you who think monsoons are a time to snuggle up and stay cozy (we hear you), we think you need a pick-me-up.

So, Ladies, you should look for an infusion of water-based flowers like lilies or lily of the valley with base notes of iris or vanilla. It’s soothing, calming and yet it’s fresh enough to make sure you’re not lazing around. Gentlemen, we recommend warmer and spicier notes like clove or nutmeg infused with thyme and with base notes of white musk and sandalwood.

If you truly love the monsoons as we do, we know you would want to smell like a fresh breeze wherever you go.

So our recommendations for such a person would be to dab with notes of litchi and roses infused with white musk and amber. You could even gift a male friend a perfume with tones of lavender, rosemary blended with oak moss and rosewood and we bet he’d smell oh-so-deliciously appealing.

Try our recommended fragrance tones and we promise you, there’ll be a flood of memories this monsoon.


Monsoon recommendations by Rajiv Sheth

ARISE A sharp, mysterious fragrance, this is for the man who has his feet firmly on the ground, but his head is in the stars. Woody, vegetal, mineral; make a statement as powerful as you.


EVOKE, intoxicating yet subtle, this delicate and sensual fragrance will leave you with a passionate scent.
JASMINE, fragrance of the night, is uninhabited femininity. Here, citrusy notes of mandarin are combined with spicy notes of cloves and cinnamon to create a lingering floral freshness.
VETIVER, scent of the Earth, composed with a smoky blend of grapefruit and cedarwood, Vetiver is our modern interpretation of the season.


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