How To Find The Scent That Sparks Joy Within Your Being?

Perfumer Rajiv Sheth, Creative Director, All Good Scents talks about how to find your signature scent.

The Scent of Love: A perfumer’s perspective

Rajiv Sheth, creative director of All Good Scents (a perfumer trained at the prestigiousI.S.I.P.C.A Versailles, France) and a leading fragrance expert reveals why scents have more romantic influence than you realize… Smell has the power to transform your mood, evoke memories, take you to a faraway land, and even help you fall in love. That’s … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Gifting Perfumes

Rajiv Sheth shares what to keep in mind to make the right perfume purchase this holiday season.

Tuberose – The Forbidden Flower

  Place a few sprigs of fresh tuberose in a vase and they will fill up your room with their intoxicating, earthy and utterly voluptuous aroma for days. Such is the potency of these white flowers. Tuberose, or Rajnigandha as we call it in India, is a sweet, exotic and velvety floral note in the … Continue Reading

The New Age Rakhi Is Here…

Our Scented Ceramic is the perfect alternative to the traditional rakhi this season. Here are all the reasons why you must have it…