We know you love your fragrances and can’t get enough of them. But we also know that most of you can’t get that fragrance to last all day. Somehow in the journey from home to work, that scintillating fragrance tends to fade. So what do we generally do? We either tend to keep re-applying the perfume again and again or we wear so much perfume, it’s literally overkill. Our last article already told you what fragrance goes best with your personality. What you need now, is a crash course in perfume etiquette! That’s right, we’re about to tell you how and where to wear perfume. How much to wear? This is the easy part but it is key to know how much perfume you should ideally wear. Most people either wear too much perfume or very little. The trick is to not waste your fragrance. So ideally you need two to three sprays. Do check the concentration levels of your perfume first. You will need to dial up or dial down the sprays depending on the concentration. Where do you wear perfume? This is the tricky part. Most people either spray perfumes on their clothes (bad idea, as this can leave a stain) or on the most obvious places like your collar bone. But when you need to make the fragrance last all day, you’re going to have to work that aroma on other parts of your body too. Let’s start from the top: Hair We know what you’re thinking. Fragrances have alcohol in them which can dry your hair. But we’re not saying spray the perfume on one tuft of hair. You need to work some fragrance through your fingers and lightly spread it through the hair near your neck (hair that falls on your shoulders). Your hair will not dry if you use small amounts of fragrance. Plus, hair fibers can carry perfume better than skin. Behind the Ears Ears A couple of sprays behind your ears, on your earlobes should do the trick – this is a pulse point, so your body is warmer here – the fragrance will be enhanced here. You can also apply some perfume to the top part of your ears – near the cartilage as that area doesn’t dry quickly. Décolletage Collarbone This might be the obvious one and yet surprisingly, people get this one wrong all the time. A couple of sprays on your collar bone and décolletage (neck, shoulders and back) should do the trick. The perfume tends to settle in the dip in your collar bone, making it last longer. Wrists Wrists Another pulse point, the wrists are another area on your body that are warmer. So they will emit the fragrance stronger than the rest of your body. This is one area you should not miss. Inside elbows This is one spot that can capture your fragrance and make it last through the bend in your arms. For an enhance effect, just dab some moisturizer on or wear the perfume on wet skin. Hydrated skin can carry perfume better and will help the fragrance last longer. Belly button This might seem strange, but it is a very good spot to help your scent last longer – it is a spot on your body that heats up quickly, so if you are showing off your midriff, make sure to dab some scent on that belly button. Behind Your Knees Behind the knees Another soft and warm area that will project your scent better is the back of your knees. This will emit a fragrance every time you cross or uncross your legs. Ankles Feet Finally, dabbing some perfume on your calves or your ankles releases the waft of sweet perfume everywhere you go. Where should you NOT wear perfume? You are simply wasting perfume when you spray it on your clothes, on top of your hand or for some strange reason on your rear. Believe us, these don’t help at all. What else can you do? Mix it up a little. Try wearing two different scents at one time – have your hair give away the sweet scent of lavender while your collarbone says citrus. You will leave people wondering how you smell so amazing different all the time. Trust you’ve enjoyed our crash course in perfume etiquette.

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