Perfumes Make For The Most Wonderful Gifts – Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth explains why.

You probably ask yourself why you should choose perfume as a present if you can buy virtually anything. Well, there are many worthy reasons why perfumes are a great gift. – Master Perfumer Rajiv Sheth explains why.

In Search Of Scents, That Smelled Like Home

Jasmine, sandalwood, rose, patchouli, vetiver… Whenever I smelled these ingredients – whether in classes at I.S.I.P.C.A, Versailles or during the time I was creating fragrances for a French perfume house in Paris – it reminded me of home. These raw materials would instantly make me revisit my childhood memories of playing in my grandfather’s jasmine-scented gardens and … Continue Reading

The All Good Scent of Friendship

  Of all our senses, our sense of smell is most closely tied to our memory. While many things throughout our daily life can trigger a sense of nostalgia, nothing has the power to make us viscerally relive the past like a fragrance; they’re scents that become entwined into specific moments in time. Our brains … Continue Reading

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Your Guide To Choosing And Applying The Right Perfume

If applying perfume or deodorant randomly before leaving home is a ritual, don’t be shocked, you are getting it all wrong! Not only does the use of a perfume differ from that of a deodorant, but the same perfume might also smell different on different people, too. Perfumer, Rajiv Sheth says, “You have to find which fragrance suits you best and that becomes your signature fragrance.” Which means, you can’t pick any perfume and think it might smell good. And yes, there is a science behind applying perfume, too.