Your Guide To Choosing And Applying The Right Perfume

If applying perfume or deodorant randomly before leaving home is a ritual, don’t be shocked, you are getting it all wrong! Not only does the use of a perfume differ from that of a deodorant, but the same perfume might also smell different on different people, too. Perfumer, Rajiv Sheth says, “You have to find which fragrance suits you best and that becomes your signature fragrance.” Which means, you can’t pick any perfume and think it might smell good. And yes, there is a science behind applying perfume, too.

A Perfumer’s Perspective: Why should we layer fragrances in Monsoon?

If you’re still searching for the perfect signature scent, here’s a tip: Make it yourself!

Perfumes, Perfume Mists and Deodorants – Rajiv Sheth explains the difference.

Early this month, All Good Scents re-introduced its best-selling fragrances in a new format, that of Perfume Mists. We have been inundated with inquiries on how is it different from deodorant and how similar is it to a perfume.  Rajiv Sheth, Creative Director, All Good Scents answers some of the most frequently asked questions. What … Continue Reading

A Man’s Guide to Fragrance: How to choose and wear

‘Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman,’ designer Tom Ford famously remarked. A fragrance is indeed an extension of your personality and a powerful tool in making lasting impressions. In fact, there are scientific studies that demonstrate how women are more influenced by how a man smells than how he looks. This probably is the premise of the cliché advertising campaigns which shows perfume as a weapon in the art of seduction.

How To Find The Scent That Sparks Joy Within Your Being?

Perfumer Rajiv Sheth, Creative Director, All Good Scents talks about how to find your signature scent.